How can I defer a task in a sequential project for x days after the previous task was completed?

So here’s my issue: I have a project set up which is supposed to tell me, when to train what (weightlifting).

It’s set up as a sequential project with 4 different tasks:

  • Push training
  • Pull training
  • Leg training
  • Jogging

The idea is to (for example) do push on monday, pull on tuesday, legs on wednesday and then go jogging on thursday, then I want the whole thing to repeat.

So far, this is very simple. BUT: Let’s say I’m done with my training on monday, and I mark “push training” as completed. What happens now, is that pull training immediately becomes available since we’re in a sequential project. What I’d like to happen, is to only have the following exercise become available a day later.

Is this possible somehow?

Sorry, but OmniFocus doesn’t currently offer due/defer dates relative to other actions as you’re describing — will add you to the feature request for this in our tracker, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

For now, your best bet would be to set explicit defer dates on each action in the project, so that your next item doesn’t become available until the time you want, like follows:

  • Push training — Deferred until Monday 9am
  • Pull training — Deferred until Tuesday 9am
  • Leg training — Deferred until Wednesday 9am
  • Jogging — Deferred until Thursday 9am

Set the project to be deferred until the same date as the first item, and then set the repeat on the project to repeat every 1 week on Mondays, repeating from the item’s assigned dates. Here’s an example of how this might look, demonstrating how the next week’s tasks would populate given the repeat settings on the first iteration:

Hi aaron, thanks a lot! One more question: Can you think of a way that would allow me to defer my training because I need a rest day, without having two workouts clashing on the same day?

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