How can I duplicate a task on iOS?

Title says it all. If I copy a task and paste, I get the formatted text instead of a duplicate task.

Tap and hold on a task, choose Copy from the pop-over menu. Then tap and hold on the task above where you want to paste the duplicate task, and choose Paste from the pop-over menu. This works for me.

It sounds like you might have the text in the title selected instead of the task, which would only copy the text and not the details that you need for the entire item. If you go back one level higher when you copy the item you should be able to copy and paste. In most cases, if you are editing a task title, you want to click at the top left of your screen where you see < to go up one level. It may also depend what level you are at when you paste as well. You want to be at a place where you can see all of the tasks in a list, rather than editing inside of one task. For example: When you first click on a project, or at the first level of your Inbox.

One other thing, if using a force touch device, if you press too hard you are going to get the 3D touch menu instead of your regular pop-over menu. I find I need to tap gently if I’m trying to copy/paste.

Hope this gets you duplicating soon!


Yeah it was a 3d touch vs. long press vs. tap issue - thanks all.