How can I format text in the notes section of an item?

For some reason, I can’t manage to format words in the notes section of an item in my project list. For example, I’ve pasted in a quote from a journal, and I want to indicate at the end of the quote, in italics, the name of the journal. But OF2 (Mac) won’t let me use Command-I or even the Italics option in the Format drop-down menu. (FWIW, the Italics and Bold options in the menu are not grayed out, and, when I choose them, a check-mark appears next to the menu item. But there’s no change in the appearance of the highlighted text.)

Am I missing something?


I’d like to format those, too, and maybe bump up the font-size.

In OmniOutliner 4 I can easily change the formatting of text pretty much anywhere. I know it’s a completely different app, but the menu options are very similar in this regard. Only problem is that in OmniFocus 2, I can’t change the formatting.

Okay - I read through the keyboard shortcuts, and they actually all seem to work for me. Maybe it’s because you cut and copied text? (Hmm… just tried that. I can still edit it.) This is what I did with one of my notes:

Well, I might be getting somewhere. It turns out that, as you said, I can edit my notes. I had been trying to edit what I guess are action headings or something like that. Those styles must be hard-coded.

I have been entering text (whether by pasting or by typing) as Actions rather than as Notes belonging to Actions. That’s why I couldn’t edit any text. I think.