How can I get a link to my current document?

I am looking at using omnioutliner as my notes system for omnifocus.

One of the pieces that has me stumped: How can i get a link to my current document? I can’t find a share tab, but i see a “share” function in the File menu, but nothing really works by sharing a URL.

Ideas? Thanks!

OmniOutliner Menu :: Edit > Copy As Link ?

okay. this looks like what i need, but i am getting this error:

It may be that what you really need (rather than a link to a specific cell in a document which has to be open) is a filepath link.

You can obtain both types of link for the selection in a saved OO document, by using this Keyboard Maestro macro:

the latest version of which is always at:

( Click the green Code button to download the macro )

Or, try Hookmarks. It’s wonderful.

Thanks, guys!

I have used both products in the past. Let me see if I still have licenses sitting around…