How can I get the sidebar to show up the same way every time I make a change?

I would like to be able to have my side bar show up in a summarized way vs with detail shown, especially with the quick open feature to help me move around.

Is is possible to do this and I just don’t know how? If so, what are the steps?

I am not sure what you mean by “summarized” vs “detail”. Could you please try to explain, possibly with a screenshot?

I’d like to look like this. Each of the folders listed has additional folders and projects depending on the need by area. I’d like to see this every time something is opened instead of all the details below each of the folders listed.

It sounds like you want your Projects perspective to remember the expansion state of your sidebar.

There have been a few threads about this: [1] [2]


Kyle … thanks for the reference. Sounds like it is still in a state of flux, correct?

It’s not just the sidebar, and maybe I haven’t been clear enough to Omni on this point. Here is a concrete example.

I have a People context, with sub-contexts for various people. I have a Waiting context, with a People sub-context, which then has sub-contexts for various people I am waiting on. The waiting contexts are on hold.

I have a People perspective that uses a sidebar selection of the People context, and the Waiting->People context. It groups actions by context.

The Waiting->People sections are always collapsed when I invoke this perspective. They need to be manually expanded and OmniFocus 2 doesn’t remember the expansion state of the groupings in the perspective.

It’s a hassle.

Yah … what I am looking for is a way to make the sidebar sticky so it remembers how I would like it to be whenever I move around my activities. Right now I am mostly interested in getting it at a high level (less detail) but there could be cases where I want more detail.

I hope this makes sense.

Am I correct that there currently is no solution for this?

In current builds, perspectives should correctly remember selection and expansion state for both the sidebar and the main content area (including notes in the main content area).

Thanks Ken. Appreciate it.

Thanks, a great improvement.