How can I import the custom shape to my shape?


I draw it with 3 rectangles and when I union them, the unioned shape changes to a rectangle . Please tell me how can I union it and how can I import the unioned shape to my custom shape .Thank you!


Adding shapes to a stencil;

  • open/select the stencil you want to add your shape to
  • notice the little gear icon in upper right corner of opened/selected stencil, click it and select edit stencil.
  • your stencil opens in its own canvas
  • copy your shape from the canvas you worked on and paste it in the stencil canvas.
  • save stencil.

For reference:


Yeah, that’s how unioning works; all of the selected shapes get merged into one shape.

It sounds like what you really want to do is group your objects together, not union.