How can I integrate Mail with OmniFocus without forwarding an email?

Hi, I want to know how to integrate my Mail with Omnifocus. I use it on Omnifocus2 for Mac but cannot find instructions in the user manual for iPhone. Thanks!

Can you say more about what you mean by “integrate”? You can use Mail Drop anywhere you can access email, to forward tasks to your OmniFocus inbox. So you could do that.

Dispatch (a paid app; here are the mail clients with which it works) allows you to take action on your email messages–one of which is to send to OF, but I find Mail Drop is just as fast.

If you’re referring to Clip-o-Tron, that is just for OSX and not iOS.

Hi Abram, you responded my question. I was hoping that there was something more than the Mail Drop. I was hoping something like Clip-o-Tron would work with the iPhone version too. Thanks!

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For a while I had an IFTTT recipe where starred Gmails automatically become OmniFocus Inbox items. I can’t remember now if I was processing them from Mail or the Gmail app at the time, but something like that could be an option to look into.