How can I see more characters of a Project name in the Sidebar?

The OF Mac Sidebar seems to cut off at maybe 30-40 characters and you cannot make it any wider. This is annoying because some / many of my Project names are longer than this and I want to be able to see more so I know which Project is which.

Is there currently a way to re-size the Sidebar to make it even wider? I can’t figure out how.

If not, can Omni enable this rather than restricting the user to a pretty narrow band for the Sidebar?


I am running OF 2.12.4 and OF 3.1.2 and both offer to resize the sidebar by dragging like this:

Is this the place you’re trying to resize? What happens when you hover the mouse cursor over the edge?

Yes, I know how to resize like this but there is a maximum width. The maximum width is not wide enough.

Funny you find it narrow. I find it exceedingly wide and wish I could slim it down more. :) Regardless, I agree that we should be able to resize it to suit our individual needs. I’ve been requesting this since OF2, though, so I doubt it will be implemented any time soon.


I find it too wide in tag view, and potentially too narrow in project view. And I wish it’s size was saved with each perspective like it was in v1. I’ve been asking for all of these things since v2 was released.

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If you haven’t already, I recommend submitting this request to the Omni Group by choosing “Contact Omni” from the Help menu.

I tend to use abbreviations in the the names of projects, which helps keep the name compact. Sometimes these names also include emoji characters. In addition to fitting in the sidebar, this means that project name take up less space in the outline view.

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