How Can I View All of My Completed Projects & Actions by Most Recent?

It’s crucial to be able to review all of my completed projects and actions during my weekly review, so as to see what was accomplished and what came close.

When it comes to viewing completed actions, i’m more than fine with viewing them as they were completed; i.e. mumbled and jumbled amongst other actions. However, when it comes to viewing completed projects I would love to see a completed view that considers the list of projects completed when the last action in said project was checked off.

Perhaps this is an easy perspective to create or am missing something crucial. I’ve had OmniFocus for years now though i’ve admittedly gotten comfortable with my easiest set up w/ OmniFocus (on Mac & iOS devices) that just includes the the inbox, projects, and available views.

*Further, all this applies in wanting to see how frequent i’m completing recurring actions and projects. Currently I have 18 recurring projects (most recur daily, not all) and I would love to be able to review during my WR the frequency for each…

Guys, I would love an elegant solution to this scenario as it pertains to my productivity in regards to my (weekly, monthly, yearly) reviews.

Any help is truly appreciated.