How do I add a flag from Quick Entry?

I use flagged items as my daily task list. Currently there’s no way of adding a flag easily from the quick entry box. Actually, it seems as though the only place to add a flag is through the Inspector - is this true?

Enjoying the new look of the app, btw!


The command-shift-L keystroke toggles the flag status, even in the quick entry window.


Great, thanks…

Is it foreseen, that this feature is also coming back like in V1? This would be great. Maybe you can make it optional as an preference in the setting.

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In OF1, I can flag an entry in quick entry. I don’t see that possibility in OF2. Am I overlooking something or doing something wrong? Thanks!

+1 for making flagging in QE more obvious

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In the latest build, you can flag by clicking just above and to the right of the status circle (where flags now appear).


Having switched to Compact mode, this trick doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Compact mode isn’t finished yet; issues like this are why it isn’t yet an officially supported mode.

Got it - thank you.