How do I assign multiple contexts to a task?

I’ve just switched from Todoist and I can’t figure out how to do this! Surely it must be possible!

For example, I might create a task saying ‘Check my Bank Balance’. I can do this over the phone or also at my computer. I have contexts for both so I want to tag the task with both so I can do it at the most convenient time in the most convenient way!

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This is not possible.

The request to allow multiple contexts has been a hot topic since as long as I can remember (at least a few years). One reason why it is not possible boils down to the statement that true GTD does not recognize multiple tags (so you are doing something wrong to ask for this feature). Another is that OF2 has to maintain backwards compatibility with OF 1 in its database structure (so OmniGroup is not yet ready to implement this feature).

One reported work around is to use #tags in the notes field.


its a common held belief that if you need more contexts for a task or project, you need to break down the task further, to the point where only one context is needed. Omnigroup is reluctant to add a tags feature. Solution is to just break down the action further…Hope that helps

FWIW, as an additional follow-up, I used to have a catch-all “tool” context that said “Connect” (or the equivalent) to handle such cross-over. In the meantime, I would put something like this in my outcome-level context group, for example as “research”, “do”, or “close” depending on what I expect as a result (Check Bank Balance to confirm a fund is transferred is “close” while Check Bank Balance to confirm I have enough to buy the car is “research”). The tool here (phone or internet) is irrelevant, since they are mostly all around at all times anyway.

wow this is kind of annoying. How do people deal with adding contexts for location and energy? e.g. @Office AND @Full Focus ? Can this be done with tags?

I don’t use it myself much, but most of the advice I’ve read about this type of requirement suggests using sub-contexts for - in your case - energy. So you’d have for example this in your contexts:

  • Office
    • Low Energy
    • Full Focus

As you assign contexts to your tasks, you’d see the hierarchy and can easily pick the right one (Just testing with my own slightly different header-level contexts):

Further handling of the new contexts should be easy with custom perspectives.

Ok thanks. I will try this.