How do I assign Styles in OmniOutliner 5.4.2?

New to OO, and am working on my first outline. I’ve got 20 Level 1 Rows, and by tabbing in, I create Level 2 Rows, and so on.

How do I assign some lines as “Notes” style, like regular paragraphs of text.

Also, if I type in 5 sentences all at once, is there a way to go back and assign each sentence to its own line/dot. In normal text editors, simply putting ones cursor at the start of each sentence and hitting Return would do this, but in OO, it bypasses the entire paragraph and starts a new blank line/dot.

Hope this makes sense.

I thought I had separated existing text to different rows in the past, but I don’t manage to do that now, so maybe it’s not possible. Now I can only separate the the text to different lines in the same row using option-return.

To create notes, you use the button to the left of a row or the Edit note-command, and the paste or write your note.

If you hit ⌃Enter (control+enter), OO will break the cursor location out to a new row at the current outline level.

Wow – I thought I had tried every possible key combination, including that one, but it certainly works!