How do I choose a "Forecast Tag" in OmniFocus 3 for iOS?

I don’t get this. How do I this? Thanks!

In OmniFocus 3 in the forecast view, tap on the 👁 icon, then tap tag and choose the tag to show.

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I still don’t get why I can’t select multiple tags to view in Forecast. Why limit it to one?


Now that we can assign multiple tags to a task, just assign the one “chosen” tag for forecast. So I can have the tags @computer and @today assigned. I have the Forecast show @today. Now, anything can show up in Forecast if you have the @today tag assigned. There’s no real need to select multiple tags in Forecast.

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One more question:
If I have assigned a Tag to the forecast is there a way to show this in the today perspective? I don’t get this. The perspective has a choice for tags but that doesn’t work.

Thx in advance.

Okay, but why insist upon the need to assign a tag to everything I want to show up in Forecast just so that it can show up in Forecast?

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There will be three ways to make a task show up in the forecast

  1. Assign a defer date and have the forecast perspective show all deferred
  2. Assign a due date
  3. Assign a chosen tag and have the forecast perspective show the tag

If you can think of another way to get a task to show up in perspective without assigning dates or a task, send an email to Omni with your suggestions,


Simple: select multiple tags to appear (rather than merely one), the same as any other custom perspective.

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The logic here fully escapes me …

–> Why insist to allow the built-in Forecast perspective to show multiple tags when you can already create a custom perspective to show multiple tags?

I cannot understand why OmniGroup should be asked to add yet another option to Forecast mode to allow it to behave in yet another way when they have already provided a way for users to do exactly what is being asked overall - show a perspective that contains only specific tags. The request therefore seems rather nonsensical to me.

The inverse of the statement … It should be easy to do … is NOT a valid answer here. Provide us with a case where the only way to do what you want is to allow multiple tags specifically in Forecast view and ONLY then does it work (and no other way can be designed to achieve what you want). Then, the logic behind your request might be validated.


I think the key factor here might be that only the Forecast view shows due/deferred tasks in with the rest of the calendar items. There are, I think, quite number of OF users who use Due and Defer as core organising attributes. I can see what, if u=you use dates a lot, having multiply tagged items viewable in Forecast would be helpful.

I’m not commenting on whether this is good or not - just offering a (not especially well-defined) use case.

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It sure seems easier to me to select the tags it makes sense to review in Forecast (ala custom perspectives), than to constantly tag new tasks with one particular tag in addition to whatever other tags they should have.

Am I using or wanting to use Forecast very differently from others? I really want to just include my actionable contexts and exclude other things.

This really isn’t a big deal because I can create a very nice custom perspective for this purpose in OF3, though of course without Forecast’s unique offerings. I hope I’m not coming across as obstinate; it just seems to me like the obvious thing to do.

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I have not tested OF3. I agree, when Forecast offers something that cannot be obtained in a custom way, then either the options to Forecast should be expanded OR the options for custom perspectives should be.

Not obstinate. Just not yet thoroughly clarified. The follow up is appreciated.


Is this only available in OF3 Pro?

Yes, Forecast tag is a pro feature (full list of standard and pro features are here).



I’m honestly surprised that there is a forecast tag, but flagging items doesn’t add them to forecast. I’ve worked around it by stopping using the flag, and using the tag instead, but it seems odd given flag is an option for the badge icon, but tag isn’t. Ideally I’d want the badge to show what’s due plus what I’ve selected, and forecast to also show those.

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You are being sensible, the others that are justifying a poor decision again, the reasons reamin unknown.

Reviving this, because I’d also like to have the Forecast perspective show tasks having one of several tags irrespective of due dates. In my case, this would be Today and Soon, however, I can’t select more than one tag in the Perspective settings.

So, I tried a different approach: create a top-level Forecast tag then Today and Soon as children of it. Now the problem is when I set the Forecast perspective to show anything tagged Forecast, it shows nothing.

It would be helpful if OF allowed selecting a parent tag and showed anything tagged with that as well as any of its children. That would provide the desired flexibility without requiring a fundamental change to the perspective interface.

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I’d rather the forecast view allowed the selection of a perspective rather than a tag - that way I could display absolutely anything my little heart desired.

But… that would mean only pro users could use the feature.