How do i copy documents from omni sync to iPad?

The online instructions say to tap the “import button in the upper left corner”. But there is no such button. There is a plus, for adding a new file. But that doesn’t have the option of adding from omni sync.

They should just show up. You have Omni Sync Server configured and logged in on OS X and on iOS correct?

That isn’t happening, and I think I see why. When I follow the online instructions (which still say to click on the import button, and which say NOTHING about how it should happen automatically–you should really fix that), I use /Finder preference/Go and go to

which is then linked as /Volumes/jamesafoster

When I open the OmniPresence app it takes me to


These are two different directories, and the second is the one I see on my iPad. But following the online instructions put files in the FIRST directory, where they don’t show up at all on my IOS devices.

So, I think the Omni group needs to update the online instructions and remove the “link to OP ID with finder” instructions, or (better) make the server address point to the actual OP data.

Sorry, you’re referring to correct? Those are instructions for version 1 before OmniPresence syncing was added. It’s noted at the top that these are pre-OmniPresence instructions and to view the OO iPad help. However, that entry probably should have been removed or modified a long time ago as the import button was even moved when OmniPresence support was added to version 1. The gist of those instructions are still relevant though for actually importing files from OSS (what you see in your /Volumes/jamesafoster/ mount and what you would have used OSS for before OmniPresence existed), not for using OmniPresence (what you see in ~/Documents/OmniPresence). Longer story shorter, files stored in OmniPresence can not be imported this way as they are stored differently but both methods still exist as you may want to import/export files to other WebDAV servers that you do not sync to.

These are the instructions you wanted to find instead

Thanks! This clears it all up for me.