How do I create a to do list with tasks from my projects and sort it manually?

I finished dumping my brain into it, now all I want to do is to be able to create a little to do list every day, by pulling tasks from my different projects and manually sort them in the order I want to work on them. This is the most basic thing this software should be allow me to do, but I have not been able to find a way to accomplish it. I can flag the tasks or tag them and then see them in different custom perspectives but I can’t find a way to manually sort them in a way that makes sense to me. What am I missing?


I can understand your frustration, but as long as tasks have tags, they may be manually sorted. The trick, not all that intuitive, is to have the following settings for Presentation in your perspective:

Group and sort: Individual actions
Group actions by: Tag
Sort actions by: Tags order

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If you have the Pro version of OF, you can manage such a shortlist with the built-in ‘Forecast tag’ feature.

To set it up, go into the Forecast perspective, show the view options, and select the tag of your choice under ‘Today shows items with this tag:’ (eg. ’today’ or ’next’)

You can then easily apply this tag to tasks by using the context menu on the Mac, or swiping to the right on iOS. The tagged tasks will appear under the ’Today’ section in the Forecast perspective, and you can rearrange the order. You can of course also filter on them in custom perspectives and rearrange them there like @Jan_H explained.

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I don’t quite understand your problem. If you drag tasks from other projects into a project for your daily work, then you can easily change the task order in the Today project. Maybe you should give more details about your omnifocus set-up so that we can better help you.

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I always thought of the today list as a perspective rather than a project in itself, tweaking the Forecast View or trying my own perspective.

But your approach is so much simpler. It may be messy to get tasks aout of their “natural” project and put them i the Today project, and maybe getting them back if you didn’t make it, but I thing it could work. I’ll try it.

I may be missing the point here, but (on the Mac at least) if you use a Today (or similar) tag and then select it in the Tags view, you can drag the tasks into whatever order you want

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