How do I export *all* of my tasks to a single document?

Hello everyone–

I’m looking to export all of my tasks in one plain text or HTML document.

I know that I can do this based on perspective (so, if I export from the Forcasts tab, it will export all of what is on there, or if I pick one of my contexts, it will export all of those).

However, I want to basically be able to export all of my tasks daily, so that I can store them on Dropbox and have access to them when away from my Mac (I don’t have any iOS devices).

I also can’t create a custom Perspective since I don’t have the Pro version.

Any idea how to do this?



It seems a bit of automation is required. You might want to take a look at…



Nice! I’ll check this stuff out.

I wonder if it will work without Pro…

Whoops… No, probably not. AppleScript support requires Pro, I believe.

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Forgive my very-American cultural reference but, In the words of Ed McMahaon, “YOU ARE CORRECT, SIR!”


Yeah. Since I’m in a trial version right now, I discovered I can just make an “all tasks” perspective. Once the trial runs out I probably won’t be able to afford Pro, so I’ll be looking for a workaround until I can upgrade.

If you go to the projects tab, and set the view to All, that should give you all of your tasks. Then you can export from there.

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Well, the thing about that is that I’d need to export each individual project separately. I’m not looking to include completed and dropped items; I’m looking to have all of my tasks on the same long list.

I think that may only be possible with Pro, and a perspective that includes all tasks. I’m using a Pro trial right now, so here’s what I mean: