How do I export from OF3?


Is it possible to export from OmniFocus 3? As a long time user I’ve been trying to figure this out for ten years. Here is a post from 2008. I’m evaluating returning to OF, but I need to figure out a way to solve this.


Actions and projects can be shared using the standard share sheets, and copying OF items copies their TaskPaper format for parsing in other places. Copied projects also include their child actions.

Not sure if that helps?



@heyscottyj, that seems like it would work. Where is the share sheet or how do I invoke it? Thank you!


The bottom toolbar of the inspector in a project has the share button (bottom right corner).


Ah yes! Thank you. You have answered my question on how to export. The next step is to figure out how create that in a format that is easily shareable with others. I’ll have to investigate to see if there is a workflow. I was hoping that this would be simpler.

To easily share well formatted information from OmniFocus

Use Case
Have a tag for a person I meet with on a regular basis. Before the meeting, share the current agenda items. (side note: it doesn’t look like tags have a share sheet associated with it, but I might be missing it again!)

Below I’m comparing OmniFocus and Things.

Picture of OmniFocus Project

TaskPaper Export from OF

The taskpaper format isn’t readily share-able unless it is parsed somehow.

- OmniFocus Export @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @context(office) @tags(office) @due(2018-06-05 15:00)
- post a question on the Forums @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @context(office) @tags(office)
- Wait for an answer @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @context(office) @tags(office)
- do a google search on Omni Focus Export options @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @context(office) @tags(office)

Markdown Format from Things 3

# OmniFocus Export (0/3)

- [ ] post a question on the Forums
- [ ] Wait for an answer
- [ ] do a google search on Omni Focus Export options

Export Perspective on Mac to readable text

Totally hear you, and a great use case.

I would use Workflow for this myself (and maybe I’ll take a run at something later on), probably doing this:

  1. Using OF multi select to select all the action under a particular tag (⌘ + A on an iPad helps) and copy
  2. Build a Workflow that takes the clipboard, looks for @ symbols, removes it and everything after it, leaving only the action title, then takes the remaining text and places it lovingly into an email (possibly even with placeholder leading text like Here are the things I currently have on my list relating to you that I'd love to catch up on)

Grated, this might be a bit engineered, but I can see this being an oft-repeated thing, so some up front heavy lift might not be so bad.



@heyscottyj, I’d be excited to see a workflow that enabled me to create a well formatted view of a project or tag. I continue to wonder why the Omnigroup doesn’t just have more robust export capabilities. I’m not sure I want to rely on workflow-- what will apple do with it? I’d rather have some export options built in.


Make sure and email in the feature req, @steve!

I think the use of TaskPaper as an underlying format is an empowering choice, given that it allows users the opportunity to write content for OF outside of OF, and can be moved around as plain text without losing the detailed metadata of dates, tagging, etc. The syntax is parsable by a bunch of apps, too.

Indeed, for your purposes, though, that’s too much detail. And I’m not slagging Markdown - I use it plenty. But I also like me my metadata.



I’ve been making feature requests since the days of KGTD! I’ve made feature requests both online and through the approved method. I suppose this feature request doesn’t resonate with others.

Here is the same feature request in February 2008 in anticipation of OF 1.5

  1. the ability to generate good looking printed reports (completed tasks, task by a particular context or project)

  2. stronger and more varied export capabilities. (see: export woes)


Haha. . . I was involved in a discussion between things and Omnifocus in 2007 and made a mock up of what tags could look like in OmniFocus!



Well, I guess we know what’s going to happen with Workflow now 😂


@steve Here’s a pretty quick one I cooked up:

To use:

  1. Multiselect and copy the actions you want from OF
  2. Run this Workflow
  3. Paste in the content when asked
  4. Behold as it creates a clean list of tasks in a Mardown format

A few things to note:

  • The reason you need to paste in is because the copy from OF is “rich”, in that it contains text and URLs to tasks, and apps seem to selectively decide whether they like the URL to be pasted or the plaintext. Workflow takes the former from the clipboard, this pasting (thanks @deaghean!) works around that and forces the plaintext.
  • This was a quick implementation, so it uses the hyphen space of noting a task as the separator. So I guess don’t use hyphen + space in task names? lol

Anyway, thought this might help or serve as a starting point.


Export Perspective on Mac to readable text

Thank you for working so hard to help me find a solution. It worked, but I’m think I’m trying to go someplace that OmniGroup doesn’t want to go right now.


Haha all good. I’m going to be expanding this for other purposes, so it was a good use case to start with.

Good luck!



Hi I am having a similar scenario, I Found your shortcut very usefull as omethings i need to send my wife a text with items on my shopping list, and selecting them is easy, as omnifocus does not have or at least i have not seen a way to select multiple and easy export the actions items to an email or message.

Im trying to get a way to push omnifocus items to Agenda, this helps me keep track on some notes and at the end of the day send an email with my report. thank you


Would this shortcut work for you? Share the OF project to this, it “tidies up” the taskpaper and then re-shares the text.

Export Perspective on Mac to readable text