How do i get Snap To Grid to work?

Hi — I’m a longtime casual OmniGraffle user, new to OG7.

I cannot get the “Snap To Grid” feature to work. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. I start a new project
  2. In the canvas inspector, I set the “Major Grid Spacing” to 30px and “Minor Grid Steps” to 10px. I check the “Snap to Grid” box.
  3. Just to avoid confusion, I go to the “Arrange” menu and disable Smart Alignment Guides and Smart Distance Guides.
  4. I create a new object. I move it around the canvas, and resize it. Here I would expect it to snap to the grid — i.e. the position and size would be constrained to 10px or 30px increments. Instead, it doesn’t snap at all — I can set the position and size to any size I want, in 1px increments.

What am I misunderstanding? Thanks!

I tried your instructions (aside from turning off the Arrange) and, when zoomed out, it looked like I was just moving things without the grid active. I zoomed in and it was aligning to the grid but the grid was so small, it was hard to tell.

In the example you posted, you can set the width of the major grid lines (in your example, 30 px). However, the next one is the number of steps within the major grid (in your example 10 so each minor grid line was 3 px). If you wanted the minor grid to be 10 px, then set that value to 3 instead.

The minor grid steps value is a bit confusing but it all should work.

That did it – thank you!