How do I import my db from OF1 into OF2?

Returning to OmniFocus because of the new OF2. But I was to quick when installing the OF2 trailversion and answered “No”, when it asked me if I wanted to use the old db (OF1) it found. Thought I wanted to start “clean”, but then realized how much data I got in OF1…

So, how do I import the old db from OF1 into OF2?

Already tried this;

  • Have both OF1 & OF2 open and tried to “drag n drop” items / projects etc.
  • Looked everywhere in OF2 for a “import OF1 db” or similar.
  • Deleting “omnifocus2” files created today + Reinstalling.
  • Above + restarting my MBP.

Since I’m taking a couple of days right now to “switch back” to OF2 from Daylite / 2Do etc. And I need to get ALL data in OF2, and then use the archive-feature and then start cleaning up old stuff and just keep what is current and what I need.

ANY help, pointers or suggestions asap on this would be great. Thank’s :-)

If you really need all the data from OmniFocus 1 moved over, you can copy your existing OmniFocus 1 database to OmniFocus 2’s database location, replacing the default database OmniFocus 2 created for you. To do this, we’ll need to dig up a couple folders on your Mac.

Finding the OmniFocus 1 database location

  1. Open a new Finder window
  2. Press ⌘⇧G or choose the “Go to Folder…” item in the Go menu
  3. Enter the path ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus
  4. Press “Go”

Inside this folder, you should see a file simply named OmniFocus (perhaps with the extension .ofocus). This is your OmniFocus 1 database, and it contains all your existing data. We’ll copy this file later on.

Finding the OmniFocus 2 database location

  1. Launch OmniFocus 2
  2. While holding the command (⌘) key, click on the small file icon in the title bar at the top center of the window
  3. Select the second item in the pop-up menu that appears, named “OmniFocus”
  4. Quit OmniFocus 2

This will open another Finder window showing your OmniFocus 2 database and related contents. Just like in the OF1 directory, there should be a file named OmniFocus.ofocus – this is the new OmniFocus 2 database, and it’s what we’ll be replacing.

Copying your data

Once you’ve found both databases, you can simply copy and paste your OmniFocus 1 database into your OmniFocus 2 database folder. You should be prompted to replace the existing database. Make sure there’s no data in OmniFocus 2 that you need, then go ahead and replace the file.

While performing this copy, be careful – your OmniFocus 2 database must be named OmniFocus.ofocus for the app to find it. In addition, OmniFocus 2 must not be running while you replace that file. After the copy finishes, you can relaunch OmniFocus 2 and verify that all your data came over safely.

Hope that helps! If you have further questions or run into trouble, emailing our support team at is the best way to get a guaranteed answer.


Thank you so much Tim. Just what I needed - your tip worked like a charm :-)
I now “only” have zillions things to sort and archive… ;-)