How do I make certain actions unavailable in this particular instance

I have a big project, I would not call it an area of my life, so I have not used a folder. I have it all in a ‘Project’.

I use OF in a way that shows me all available next actions.

This project which is basically what there is to do before I leave my home country & go to live in another country, has sub projects.
There is a lot of tasks associated with this project, and they all show up in my next actions. How do I stop this?

The thing about this project is that there’s several tasks and sub projects I can be working on NOW that are important, & the rest depends upon other factors, that are not time related, before I can begin but they still show up.

Because there’s a few important tasks to focus on at once, I will not use ‘sequential’ because it will leave me with only ONE thing to do. And because they are sub projects of a project, I cannot ‘Pause’ them like a project.

Interested to know your opinions, it’s not a big deal but I am curious for future reference on other projects.

I think the ONLY solution is to turn it into a ‘Folder’ right? Or just live with all the tasks in my view that I cannot do yet.

It just does not feel right because a ‘folder’ cannot be ‘completed’ only ‘active’ or ‘dropped’ for some reason.

For big projects, I find it works best to have multiple smaller projects…rather than one large project with multiple groups (which are essentially sub projects).

Consider creating a folder that defines the ultimate objective (e.g. “Move to Vancouver”) and then place projects that support this objective (e.g. “Sign Contract With Moving Company”) within this folder.

While you can’t mark a folder as “complete”, you could simply delete it once the big project is complete. The only caveat is that you’ll need to move the completed projects from this folder before deleting the folder, assuming you want to keep them for posterity.

I hope this helps!

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Appreciate it bro, thankyou :-)