How Do I Perform a Review of All Active Projects On Demand?

I love the new Review feature in OmniFocus 2. However, reviews are time based (after 1 week, after 1 month). Sometimes I feel the need to do a random review. I might feel overwhelmed and decide I need to do a review right NOW.

I thought I could do this by selecting all projects in the Project Perspective, and drag them to the Review Section. However, OF says I have 25 projects, but when I drag them to the Review section, the Review section shows only 21 projects.

I hope this makes sense. I simply want to take advantage of the review feature on all active projects when I feel the need, not based on when the last review happened. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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There’s no way to do this that I know of. You cannot “preemptively” review a product and reset its “next review” date. This wasn’t possible in OF 1 either. It does sound like a nice feature request to have a “mark reviewed” button somewhere in the inspector pane for a project.

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You can select all of your projects in the project sidebar and change the review date to today.

Or you can select all of your projects and drag it to the Review icon on the sidebar to make everything ready for review for today.


Thanks! For whatever reason, the second method of selecting all projects in the sidebar and dragging them to review doesn’t work for me. I have 25 projects and I end up with only 21 in review.

But the first method of selecting them all and changing the review date through the inspector works perfectly. Thanks again.


Hm, I can set the selected projects to “today” and “tomorrow” but not to"Friday" or “Aug 8”.

I can perform the tomorrow-trick tomorrow so the projects are marked for review for Friday (what is what I want) but is there a reason why today/tomorrow work but Friday does not work?



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In general, I’d expect those inputs to work, and I was able to get version 2.0.2 to accept them on my Mac which is running 10.9. I selected a couple of test projects in each case, typed the text, and when I hit Tab to move to the next field, in both cases the review date field was set to August 8.

If you’re running 10.10 or if your system environment is different in some other manner than mine, that might be a factor. The settings in the Language & Region pane of System Preferences might also be a factor (English/US, in my case.) If you’re still having trouble getting this to work as you’d like, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply.

I am running 10.9.4 but maybe there is something about the language. The Omnifocus-menu’s are in English but I have to enter my dates in Dutch. For instance “Friday” will not be recognized while “vrijdag” works. Could that somehow interfere with managing the review dates?

The problem is not worth an email and special attention because by using the pull down menu I managed to get the reviews synced to Friday as I wanted.



Ah, I see! Localizations into other languages aren’t complete yet, but we are planning for version 2 to support all the languages that the previous release did. Even though OmniFocus’ menu items are in English, the app is going to rely on the system-wide date-parsing settings; those are going to expect Dutch inputs.

It sounds like everything is working as expected, in other words, but the missing localizations misled you with respect to what language the date inputs needed to be in for OmniFocus to understand them. I can totally understand how that confusion could happen - I’m really sorry it did, and we’ll get the localization work done as quickly as possible so we hopefully don’t confuse other people in the same way in the future.