How do I search on iOS with a URL scheme and Shortcuts?

I used to use omnifocus:///search?q=string with Launch Center Pro and Workflow. I tried to get it set up with Shortcuts, but it hasn’t worked for quite a while.

Does anyone know of a fix, or another way to search without going into the app?

You can bypass Shortcuts and use this action in Launch Center:

This action will prompt you for a search-query and pass that into the search field of OmniFocus.

Not sure what you mean with “without going into the app” as the url-scheme will open Omnifocus, whatever way you call it.

Thanks for help, but omnifocus:///search?q=[prompt] just launches OmniFocus. I used it with Launch Center Pro, Launcher, and Shortcuts. They all open OmniFocus to the home screen without search.

“without going into the app”
I meant without going into OmniFocus to search. I’d love to be able to search for an action or project outside of OF, then have OF open directly to what I was searching for without having to see the inbox or whatever other view I was looking at previously.

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