How do I see first available task in all subtasks/ subprojects?

Eg I have a project “Set up systems for productivity”

Within that, I have subprojects “Set up Toggl” and “Set up OmniFocus”

When I click first available task, I only see the “Set up Toggl” first action, not the “Set up OmniFocus” first actions.

That’s because the top level is a project itself, and it sounds like it’s parallel or sequential. I’d recommend your top level is actually a folder and each subproject is a project. The alternative is to make your top level Single Action, but that’s intended for never ending lists (such as groceries).


Ah thanks. The thing is, if I set up actual projects for each subproject, I’ll have too many projects and that will create noise and reduce the importance of the concept of a project

In my mind, a project is more of a big rock and important and subproject is like a small rock

But if there’s no other way, I’m happy to go with this. I’ll have to train my mind to see it differently

OF is based on GTD where a project is anything that has one or more steps to complete. You can try changing the project to be a Single Action List and making sure each main action is parallel or sequential (depending on what you need), but I personally prefer to work with folders and collapse the folders.


Ah, it works with Parent project as single action and the “subprojects” as sequential. I’ll experiment with both and see how it goes!

Thanks :)

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