How do I set default line label margins?

It appears that the default line label font size is the same as the default text font size, but how do I change the default line label margins?

Hi Ned,

You have 2 options to accomplish this styling:

  1. Set up one line label how you like it. Copy object style. Select the other line labels. Paste object style.
  2. Set up a template that has line labels styled with the margins and fonts and whatever else you like. In your document, link to the Template in the Canvas Inspector under Diagram Layout and Style. You will need a template that has a diagram in it as well as a style. When you open that template, or create a new document from it, you can then check “Enforce Style” or use the “Restyle Now” button. The style is based on your outline hierarchy. Here’s an example to play with. Save this file as an OmniGraffle Template. Then experiment with using the styles to see if that will work in your case. LineLabel1.graffle (32.5 KB)


That’s rather awkward.
Can the default line label margins be set by a script?

You can use AppleScript for this purpose. To get an idea of how to do that, select both the shapes connected by the line, and the line label, and Copy as AppleScript. Paste that into the Script Editor and you can see how those settings work. It isn’t currently possible with JavaScript because line labels are not supported.

I hope the AppleScript route will work for you!