How do I set the default font for stencils?

After much searching (and swearing) I finally found out how to set the default font for the Shape tool. But what I really want is to have a way to set the default font for the text in stencils.

It seems to be set to Helvetica Neue 16, and I cannot figure out how to change it. It would be impossibly tedious to have to set the font manually for every single object I create.

  1. Click the text tool.
  2. Pick the font and all text settings that you want in the Font Inspector (in Object inspector).
  3. Click the Style Well.
  4. From the Context Menu (control+click) choose Add to Favorites.
  5. In each stencil you want to change the default for, you pick the text tool and chose this style from the Style Well. It looks like this: