How do I uninstall OmniFocus 2?

How do I unstall OmniFocus 2?

Uninstalling an OS X app is very easy: just drag it to the trash. Hope this helps!

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If I uninstall the Mac app, do I lose me data if I use the iPhone app and Omni Sync Server?

Nope! Removing the app won’t affect the server or any of your other devices. Hope this helps!

I’ve tried to drag-and-drop the app to the Trash (both from Dock and Launchpad), but it still does not uninstall. Other suggestions?

What do you mean by “does not uninstall”?

I cannot remove the program.

I apologize, but I’m still not sure I understand your problem. Are you seeing an error message? Or how do you know the program is not removed?

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