How do you add or change a perspective in OF2

I must be daft, but I cannot add a new perspective. Assistance anyone

Choose “Add Perspective…” from the Perspectives menu.
Or choose “Show Perspectives” from the Perpsectives menu and then click the + button at the bottom.

If you have no Perspectives menu, you’ve perhaps switched to the Standard edition. To switch back to Pro, look in the “Free Trial Mode” sub-menu in the OmniFocus menu.

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I have no problem getting to the perspectives and using my previously set up perspectives (I am in the pro version).

In the old days I’d fiddle with the way I wanted my perspective to look then than the snapshot or otherwise save it. It seems that has changed and now establishing a perspective, sans presentation matters, lies at the “Focus” section of the perspective screen. I’m fiddling with it and can add a folder but having made it to say just a project for a focus.

PS – Thanks for the response lizard. Appreciate the assist.

This is helpful …

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yeah, I’m still confused. I really miss the perspective snapshot functionality.

So I have a perspective that utilizes the Contexts view. I have a variety of contexts selected to view in this perspective, several of which have sub-contexts (or children). OF2 keeps exploding the contexts so that I see all the sub-contexts as well. I don’t want to see them, I just want to see the parents. Seeing the children clutters the view. In OF1 I could collapse the context view for those contexts and snapshot that state and I’d have it. I can’t figure out a way to do that here.