How do you assign one staff member to multiple groups?

I work in a software company that employees many artists. I have created an “Artist” group in the ‘Resources’ section of OmniPlan. I have broken down this group further into sub-resource groups like “Animator”, “2D Artist”, and “Painter”. In each sub-resource group, I have listed each artist that can fulfill that role. Some artists can carry out multiple roles, while others can only fulfill one.

For example, Carl can do both animation and paint, so he can fit into multiple sub-resource groups. Tiffanny can only paint, so she will only go into one sub-resource group.

Is there a way to assign Carl to two different resource group and have OmniPlan know that I am referring to the same Carl?

Just want to bump this question since I’m faced with the same problem.

Does anybody have a solutions or work around?

Just create one Carl in each group and put the same email address for all of them. OmniPlan will know it is the same resource by that field. That’s what is in the documentation. I never tested it, though.

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Does this work within a single project? The documentation seems to indicate this is how unique resources are tied together across multiple projects (via unique email address). I’m interested in if this is possible within one project. For example, I have resources set up according to an organizational chart in resource view so that we can easily see each organizations particular activity. However there are key teams that will have members from different organizations. It would be nice to be able to assign members to both their organizations and to any key teams where they are members.

For instance an Executive Leadership Team might consist of all the leaders across the organization. If I create a resource as a leader of their particular organization in their group, recreate the resource as a member of another ELT group, set both resources to the same unique email address, they still seem to appear as if they are different resources.

I would like to be able to assign tasks to entire groups at a time and anyone that is a member of multiple groups would show all of the tasks that they support. I don’t know if that’s possible though.

@mkc It is not currently possible to assign a resource in a project to more than one group, sorry! We do however have an open feature request for this functionality that I’ll add your comments to.

Any progress on this?

Thanks you, I have the same question and I will try follow your way.