How do you change the colour of a task group?!?!

Am I missing something here? For the life of my I can’t figure this out. It’s not in the manual or apearantly online any where.


Hi @dantappin! May I ask you to elaborate a bit please? I’m not sure what you mean by “change the color of a task group”. Do you mean the color of the group’s Gantt bubble, or some other color? It would also be helpful to know what platform you’re using (iPad or Mac).

The bubble and the bars. The manual shows it but not how to actually do it. I could do it in v1. I am running on the Mac.


Ah, sorry about that. Our Documentation Wranglers are very busy updating all of our apps’ documentation!

To change the colors of any task, group, or milestone, select the item and open the Style inspector:

You can also use the Style Inspector to change the colors of all tasks, groups, or milestones. Select the kind of item you wish to style from the list on the left, and make your modifications using the controls on the right. Any item that has not been individually styled will receive the attributes you specify for its item type in this way.

Nope - all that changes is the gantt bar color.

There are four color controls within that circle: item label color, item background color, Gantt bar color, and completion bar color.

If there is another aspect of the item which you would like to style, please contact our Support Humans at so they can add your request to our development database.

is there an option to set the color for a group so that all futur sub-tasks, groups etc will have the same color? (unless overridden of course)
That would be great, eg. Logistics blue, admin red, etc

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There is a bug in the software. The group shading does not update until you collapse and re-open the group. That’s why I can’t change it. I was but just didn’t know it.