How do you copy or repeat a project AND its individual subtasks in iOS?

I have only iOS. Thanks in advance,

Tap and hold the project title, copy, then go to where you want it (maybe another folder?) and paste it :)

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Thanks. I tried, but failed.

Lets say Project named “Test” has sub actions “1” and “2”

Tapping and holding on “Test” does not give option to copy.
Tapping on subaction 1 or 2 does give the option to copy.

I’m looking for a way to copy or repeat a whole series of subtasks in the same project. Basically want to duplicate the whole project.

I managed it, but its not altogether obvious…

You need to go into the project you want to copy… so you have just the project with its actions below. Select ‘Edit’ (top right) - then select the project row. With that selected, click on ‘More’ (bottom right). That brings up the menu from which you can ‘Copy’…

Pasting then… You need to go into a project (not sure why!), then clicking its title brings up ‘Go to project | Paste | Review | New action’. This then pastes the copied project back at the top level!

Is this right?.. Can someone verify that this is intended as it seems incredibly cumbersome - particularly having to go down a branch to paste it at the top level…


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