How do you export or print a list of tasks

So i’m using the OF3 trial as I consider moving from Things 3 and I cannot see how to email/share/print a clean list of tasks/items. I’m sure this is on my end as it seems obvious that any task management program would have the ability to export tasks, yes? Thanks for helping a noobie.

What do you intend to do with the list, and what iOS devices are you using? If you just want a list of all your actions, from Settings you can Export to CSV and open that file in any plain-text editor or as a spreadsheet in Numbers or Excel. If you just want to use the actions from a perspective, you can select them (tap Edit to make selections) and on iPad you can drag and drop or use copy/paste to put them into a different app. You can also share a single action using the ‘Share’ button in the action inspector, which includes the ability to email.

On macOS, you have many different ways to get data out: from the File menu you can export to several formats, including the CSV option as mentioned above.

I think that we expect export options and fortunately The Omni Group agree there should be open and standard ways to get data out of OmniFocus. To my recollection though, Things does not offer exporting of data aside from copy/paste.

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I find it useful to have a list of tasks to be completed thru the day on paper sitting on my desk–the immediacy of paper and ability to quickly add/edit items thru the day seems to improve my task completion rather than turning on screens or opening notes and typing. I appreciate the potential solutions but they all seem like a bit of a kludge–the output is nearly unreadable given the syntax. Things has a simple share option which produces a simple list of items with checkboxes. Seems weird to me that OF does not provide a simple export/share function

I see. I misunderstood what you meant by ‘export’. Apologies.

OmniFocus does offer printing but only on macOS to my recollection.

Hello, currently, when exporting, I can only export all of the tasks, so I wonder if I can just export or backup a particular folder?