How do you get a view of short term to-dos?

Need help from a user on how to get a list, by day, of the next X days (3, 7, 14) of what needs to be done. Not sure where to begin on this. I tried perspectives, but there’s no way to select dues date for the next X days.

Most all other task managers have a view like this but I can’t seem to make this work since the filtering is so limited.

Any ideas?

Can’t Forecast view showing a month ahead make available the view you desire? It seems perfect for what you describe.

In fact it does…but for a month out. What I would like is for a “shorter term” as my title and note kind of explained. I apologize if that wasn’t clear enough.

I’d love the same view in forecast, just only for, say, the next 3 days or next 7 days.



You can change this under “View Options” in the menu bar (the eye symbol). If you are in the “Forecast” Perspective, you can check “show only one week in the sidebar”. Then the monthly view changes to a preview of the next 7 days.


You may also select as many days as you like in the sidebar calendar, even if it’s not quite as elegant, as you that way also will have days without tasks shown in your list.

Gibson/Jan H:

Many thanks. That’s what I wanted.

In the View Options, I changed that to “show only one week” and at first I didn’t get anything. Then I did what Jan H said and just highlighted a period of time in the calendar and everything showed up properly. I had to do a few manipulations to get it right. It seems at times, the system doesn’t always choose the whole month, but chooses nothing. I have to pay attention to the shading and reset the calendar when there’s no shading at all.

The forecast view shows actions for whatever days you select in the sidebar. If you have no days selected, it shows everything. More details on this in our documentation:

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