How do you guys handle "if"-cases in your projects?

Hi, let’s take this example:

I have a project called: Christmas presents for Marc, it looks like this:

  • Write an email to stacy, asking her if she has something so I can just latch onto it

  • Waiting for: Has stacy answered my mail?

And this is the point, where we need the if, because now there’s two possible ways this could go.

1: Stacy has a gift so my next task would be to send stacy some money

2: Stacy doesn’t have a gift, so my next task would be to come up with an idea of my own

How do you guys handle these cases? I haven’t really found a smart way of handling them.

I write notes, usually in TaskPaper format for anything that needs tags or dates, and put it in the notes section. Then I can copy and paste these into the project with the tasks ready to go. I don’t go into too much detail though - just enough to get me on the right track :)

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Question answered here:

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Thank you. Not perfect for me since I use a “today” perspective pretty heavily, where this doesn’t make much sense, but in general it’s a nice workaround. cheers!

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