How do you handle reminders?

I have given up hope of Omnifocus adding a nagging notification so I am trying to figure out how to handle this with my planning. I will leave Omnifocus for the first iOS app I find that can do real nagging notifications like the Due app, but I have yet to find one.

How do you handle it when you need reminders? Right now I use Due (the notifications in Omnifocus are not useful to me at all) and Omnifocus, but it drives me crazy that I have to handle the same task in both apps. For example, let’s say I have a project in Omnifocus and one of my items is to follow up with someone. I will set a reminder in Due to talk to them for the exact time that I I know I will see them so I don’t forget. But if they are not there, I will need to reschedule the Due reminder and the task in Omnifocus (unflag or defer to a new date). I know some people like to keep separate tasks in each app. That works for something like taking out the trash, but I have tons of tasks that both need to be tracked in Omnifocus and might require a nagging notification so I don’t forget it.

How do you handle this with your workflow?

I Check Omnifocus on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and plan my work onto my calendar for drop dead requirements, but mostly I block my day by Deep work (focussed) and Shallow Work (admin, quick tasks) my tasks are flagged with one of the other and I work through them.

I have very few tasks I must do at a certain time, but I do have deadlines I must meet and planning ahead allows me to achieve those.

I Use Due for Tasks which I want to come to me, and I go to Omnifocus when I want to plan and do work. I find I have very little crossover between the two.

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I routinely set multiple reminders for weeks, days, and hours ahead of the deadline. What kind of nagging do you want? A spouse to wake you up in the middle of the night?

It is not a perfect answer to your question, but I have tags for people I work with, all under the heading “People”. If I have a meeting with Bob, I check under the tag “People: Bob” in order to remind myself of the things I have to discuss with Bob before we meet.

In terms of urgency, a combination of due dates, flags and the “Today” tag put it in the line of sight. I use a custom perspective inspired by MacSparky which aggregates all my urgent stuff that is due, flagged or marked today.

If you are looking for a giant snooze button (I don’t think you are) then I can’t help!

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