How do you make folders of tags in OF3 in iOS?

I’d like to make folders of tags. For instance


-Work Manager

Is there a way to do this in iOS? I did it in the web version when I was on it. I do not have an Apple computer.

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You can have nested tags.

I have something like this…


  • Wife
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Dad
  • Mom

In the inspector for a given tag (which you can get to by going to Tags -> selecting the tag you want to edit -> tapping on the tag heading), there’s an icon in the lower left that shows a circle with an arrow pointing into another circle. That’ll give you the option to move the tag into another tag.

Hope that helps?

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it works the way @deaghean describer, but you can also just drag and drop tasks into the hierarchy you want. (although drag and drop is hit-and-miss in OF on iOS)

perfect…didn’t see the circle/arrow :)

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had tried that but was unsuccessful


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