How do you organize your Phone/Call List?

Now that I have tags, I’m going to start using OF exclusively for my phone call “to do” list and waiting on callback lists. So I’m just curious to see how other people have set this up. I wanna rip off your good ideas.


bump? anyone have any cool ideas for me?

Depends on how much complexity you want/need. I only need to be reminded to call someone so I’ll add a single task for doing so. Topics for the phone call either go in the title and/or the notes field. For calling back I do something similar (again, I just need a reminder to call them). Sometimes it might even be as simple as a word (or a couple) on my (physical, analogue) notepad.

I use a tag called DO, which is 5 mins or less.
I use a tag called SHALLOW which is 30 minutes or less.
I use a tag called DEEP which is 30 minutes or more.
I use a tag called OPEN which means I have to think and use my brain
I use a tag called CLOSED which means I don’t have to think. Rote activity here.

So, aside from making a call perspective based off of areas (home and work) you could have a short call list, tense one, etc.

I regularly call my soldiers in my platoon and do a quick check in on them. CALL, DO

I will call a location to see what sort of training they need, how we might fit those needs, when is a good time to hold it, etc. CALL, SHALLOW, OPEN

I might have the call the cable company and get a work request done. I’ll be on hold a lot. CALL, CLOSED, DEEP

This show a pro and con with Omnifocus. Pro, you can build perspectives for each scenario and jump into them whenever. Con, you can’t filter a lists of tasks by tag on the fly.

Quick filtering is one of the strengths of OF. Of course, quick filtering is the only way to drill down.

I find myself comparing … am I spending more time filtering when I need to focus, or am I spending more time creating perspectives for all the various filters I need??

It is a very difficult question and one I struggle with all the time.