How do you set OF3 notifications on iPad?

For instance, in an action, select notifications, and add a “before due” or custom notification.

This works fine on my iPhone X.

But when I try to do the exact same thing on my iPad, there are no options for setting one of these notifications. It says OF needs to be granted permission in my settings. There is a link right below that to open settings. It takes you to Settings/OF. However, there, I cannot find a setting for notifications.

So I looked in settings/Notifications…Here there is not an OF selection.

Maybe there is some default setting elsewhere that I have set differently on the iPhone and iPad. If there is, I can’t find it.

Appreciate your help, in advance.


Update…when I look on my iPhone: Settings/OF: there are multiple options that are NOT present on the iPad, including notifications.

Update #2: I found it. I had to turn on notifications from settings within the app…perhaps this will help someone else…


Thank you so much! I was pulling my hair out trying to find this on my iPad. I think I never would have found the settings option within the app if it wasn’t for your post.