How do you "unlike" a topic?



I liked something I did not mean to and cannot find a way to undo that. I could have sworn I had seen that feature before, however it is not in evidence now. Is it smack dab in front of me and I am just missing it?

Help - thanks!


The words “Undo like” should appear below the Reply button.


@KyleS, I agree.

And that is what is not showing. When I tried to change it, it only showed “You liked this” (no Undo in evidence). If I clicked “You like this”, it flipped to showing my Avatar but again showed no option to change it. Now it shows “you and two others liked this” - again with no “Undo” command - and clicking it flips to showing all three avatars.




Not sure if there really is a correlation, but are you using filter tools such as Ghostery or so together with your web browser?


@Thomas, these are the Add-ons I have in Firefox (v28).

1Password, Avast, Clearly, Todoist, Todoist for GMail, and AllMyTube

None of the above are new, and as I said, the “Undo like” link had been available in the past.


The words “Undo like” should appear below the Reply button.


Once you hit like to topic, just hit again to unlike.


I have the same problem. I accidentally liked the wrong post and cannot unlike it.