How do you use OmniPlan for software development projects?

Every time I’ve thought about giving OmniPlan a try, I look for any updates on a Jira integration to import (or even sync!) tasks, but it seems it’s not a common feature request.

In the past, I’ve used both SmartSheet and BigGantt. We didn’t have the Jira integration for SmartSheet available, so I had to spend time each week updating the basic chart data (% completion, start / end dates) by hand. With BigGantt, new tasks will show up on the chart automatically, and dependencies will be reflected in tickets for developers. While the overall UX isn’t great, not having to double-track everything is a big win.

But stepping back from that… I would have expected OmniPlan to have good integrations with at least one ticketing system, even if it wasn’t Jira. Which leaves me with the question:

Software PMs: How are you using OmniPlan with Jira, GitHub, or whatever ticketing tool you’re using? Anyone from OmniGroup care to chime in?

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