How do YOU use the Focus perspective option?

As a novice OF user on iPhone I’m a little confused by “Focus” in perspectives. I didn’t see much about it in the documentation I found, but maybe I read the wrong docs. When I looked online the only information I really saw was concerning the Mac app, which made it sound like a button to press to have OF only show you that folder/project/context/whatever.

For those who use Focus in your perspectives, how do you use it effectively and how has it helped you? Maybe I can learn from how other people use it.


I created a “Home” perspective that finds all tasks that are focused on the Home folder. Another “Work” perspective will show all tasks that are focused on the Work folder or just a single project.

If I do this, I won’t see my Home tasks mixed in with my work tasks.

Or if you work at home, it’s nice to get into ‘work’ mode and just check the “work” tasks only.

Adding specific contexts also works for me, e.g. For planning stuff I might add only perspectives like research, plan, study or whatever so excluding other stuff like todos or apointments). I think of these just like smart folders, and OF allows a lot of tweaking as you can also refine by project.

I have to say that it can take time to work these things out though, just experiment, I don’t think you can really do any damage, you can always remove the perspective you created!