How do you use the OmniFocus Today widget?

I would love that the Omni guys (@kcase?) would make the widget geo-aware*, so I’d have a different perspective showing there when I’m at home (my Play perspective), at the office (my Collaborate perspective), or elsewhere (my On The Go perspective).

While that dream doesn’t come true, I have it showing my On The Go perspective, which for now is set like this:

  • grouped by Context; sorted by Due
  • showing any tasks available
  • filtering for the following contexts: Office, Home, some (but not all) of the sub-contexts of my Errands context

As I live in OmniFocus while working, I don’t need my Today perspective to show up there (on my iPhone), so if I’m not at my desk but still in the office I see the tasks I need to do at the Office before my errands tasks in there. Same for Home.

If Home or Office tasks show up there when I’m not in the right location I just defer the tasks for an appropriate time (hey @kcase, my other dream is that you guys implement swipe gestures for deferring tasks**. See the logic?).

When I have dealt with all Home and/or Office tasks in there, I have an idea of any Errands I might need to take care of.

Curious to know of other use-cases ;-)

* yes, I have already submitted a feature request.
** of course I have submitted another feature request for this.


On my iPhone, I use the errands perspective. Whenever I am outside, I will check Notification Center to find my errands.

I haven’t really used Notification Center on my Mac. I imagine that I will just put a due screen to show my highest priority tasks (overdue and due soon).

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