How does haptic feedback work?

Hello, I’m not sure how this feature works. Am I supposed to feel some vibration through the touchpad or some other magical thing? I have haptic feedback enabled in system prefs, but not sure what am I supposed to do with it. It’s new to me. But regardless how I drag or create something, or how hard I press on the touchpad, I’m not sure what supposed to happen.


PS: Yes, my MacBook is new so it does support this feature, I just never used this feature before and so I’m kind of clueless about it.

Hey @pentool! We added Haptic feedback options in OmniGraffle > Preferences > Multi-Touch, so I’d start there to make sure you’ve got it all turned on within the app itself.

You can get feedback for guides, rotation guides and steppers.

Thanks, yes, I was aware of those settings already. The reason I posted because I am not able to make them work. I tried googling but didn’t find anything specific.

Haptic feedback does work in the OS in general. For example, when I use the Preview app to edit a document (say, PDF) and draw shapes which I then drag close together, there’s a little “buzz” you can feel when they snap.

I am not able to “feel the buzz” in OmniGraffle regardless how I try to snap objects, or guides, or guides to objects, or objects to guides, rotation guides, or steppers. The multi-touch settings are all enabled by default in OG, so that should be no issue.

Still, I am not receiving feedback. That’s why I was wondering what I must be doing wrong.

OG v6.4.1
OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite
MacBook pro early 2015
Haptic Feedback enabled in System Preferences

Oh dear, I think I misunderstood your first post, sorry about that! Would you mind sending us an email so we can troubleshoot?

I also thought it wasn’t working, but I realize it’s just too soft to feel on my Magic Trackpad. I had to verify by triggering guides with one hand while touching the side of the magic trackpad with the other.

Is there any way to make the effect stronger?

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