How does one use scripts in OF2?

I just upgraded from OF 1 to OF 2 Pro. I have two scripts I’d like to use, which I was told would still work. How do I set this up? The documentation has no info on this, at least none that I could find. Help!

Open OmniFocus Help, scroll the left sidebar down and click on “Scripting.”

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I created a free video on how to install and use Curt Clifton’s “Complete and Await Reply” script. You can check it out here. There process would like be the same for installing and using the two script you used in OmniFocus 1.

If you don’t want to trigger AppleScripts using the Toolbar, consider installing FastScripts which adds a menu bar item for triggering scripts. And these scripts can be assigned a keyboard shortcut. FastScripts is free for up to ten keyboard shortcuts and you can purchase the software to remove this limitation.

I hope this helps.

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus

Thanks. I"m now further along, and put two scripts I like in the toolbar.

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