How does one work with mulitple outline files


I’m working on a Multi-Tasking operating system after all, Mac OS X.

Is it possible to have 2 OmniOutliner Apps running simultaneously? If there is I have not found the incantation to start the second app.

I ask this because I have not found a way to open 2 files at the same time. I think some have asked about Split Screen possibilities but so far I have not seen a solution to splitting the screen to work in 2 files.


Not sure why one would need multiple iterations of the app to be running, when one can have multiple OmniOutliner files on screen at the same time. Just open them up and adjust the windows any way you like.

Or have I misunderstood the question?

Oh boy - cockpit problem here. I made an assumption based on the iPad version and well. . . Forest Gump’s mom would say “stupid is as stupid does.” guilty!!!

I started on the iPad trying to copy a set of lines from File-A and paste them in File-B. While in File-A I can select several lines and copy them to the clipboard BUT when I leave File-A and open File-B the clipboard does not seem to contain the copied lines hence no pasting of the set of lines in File-B. This can be easily accomplished in the Mac version since you can open multiple files.

Searching the Forum did not reveal information about my task. Split screen mentions seemed to address the issue. BUT from the context of the discussion I think I read Split Screen works in OmniFocus not in OmniOutliner. I have to admit I can sometimes confuse myself with tunnel vision when chasing for an incantation of use.

Any suggestions on the iPad problem?