How does the input/send-to-inbox function work in iOS?

I’m interested in buying OmniFocus Pro for iOS. Since it’s a $60 purchase for an iOS app, I am considering it carefully.

I need to know how the input/send-to-inbox function works in iOS. For example, if I am doing something on my iPhone (other that using OmniFocus), and I have something I suddenly think of, do I have to stop what I am doing, exit the app I am using, open OmniFocus, open the ‘Add New’ function and type in or paste what I want to add? Or is there an input box or feature like in OS X? Or at least OmniFocus being added to iOS ‘Share To’?

I have been trying to find videos or a part of a video showing this, but haven’t found any that show this (and most of them are around 2 years old).

Could someone please direct me to a video or give a good description of how the input function in OmniFocus iOS works?


Yes, there is a share sheet on iOS, but you can also enable Reminders integration and use Siri and Drafts — my absolute two favourite methods. You can also easily use Launch Center Pro if you like.

edit: @Keven, if any of these methods are unclear, let me know; happy to provide some details if need ;-)


If you are using an iPhone 6S/6S Plus you can also invoke ‘New Inbox Item’ from the 3D Touch menu. Whilst it could be convenient, there is no such item from, say, the Today widget.


This is the OmniFocus documentation for the share setting…

When you are in another app, you can tape the share button to send something to OmniFocus.

On the iPad, I like to go to a web site and copy some text. Then I swipe my finger from the rough edge of he iPad from right to left. This brings up that iOS split screen mode screen. If I slide my finger from the top and slide down, I can choose which app to switch to. I can change to OmniFocus and use it in that side of the screen. Swipe away to slid OmniFocus out of the way. This is a convenient way to use OmniFocus on the iPad.

Airmail for iOS is an email app that has a fully featured “send to OmniFocus” feature.

Other ways to send to OmniFocus is via Siri + Apple Reminders as well as the mail drop feature:


Draft looks like an awesome app. I already have Launcher on my iPhone(Cromulent Labs), but might get Launch Center Pro as well. Thanks for those.

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Thanks a lot for your help everyone. It was very informative.