How does the snooze work?

How does the snooze function work? Also has this been ported to the iPhone Omnifocus 2 as well?

No one has used the snooze? I don’t want to upgrade for $29.99 until I know how that feature works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

When you press Snooze, the notification is temporarily dismissed. It will return 15 minutes later.

For now, this feature is only available on the iPad, but we plan to bring it to other editions later. (We had a very busy summer with a very hard deadline!)


Thanks Ken, when it comes back in 15 minutes is it persistent or does it just sit in the notification screen until addressed again? Also any chance you plan on offering different time options?

Thanks update looks great.

I wish this was a feature on my iPhone. Is it there? Am I missing it? If it’s not there do you have a timeline for this in an update?

Yep! But iOS 10 hid these notification actions a little bit. If you have a 3D-touch-capable device, “deep press” the notification to view the actions (which should be Snooze and Complete). Otherwise, swipe from right to left on the notification and tap “View”. Hope that helps!