How likely the we might get more fields for integrations (other than just task name and note)?

I’ve just started experimenting with Zapier as having set up a business I’m now trialling CRMs. Triggers from the likes of Insightly or Capsule can present various fields (including due dates) as triggers, but obviously these can only be mapped to the 2 available parameters possible in the maildrop feature: name and notes.

So all I can achieve is to get a task with a name, e.g.
Capsule: Follow up with Mr Jones from MegaCorp

and a note, e.g.

which is kind of useful - i can at least transpose additional info from the notes field when I go through my Inbox in OF but it feels pretty retro in this day and age.

Are we likely to see inbox task name parsing or recognition of data in the notes field at any point or is definitely not the sort of thing envisaged by the Omni team?