How many actions within a HUGE project?

I’ve created a monster.

Maybe it’s okay, or maybe it will cause problems. I made a project to write a book. I created a task for all the steps from planning to uploading. There were quite a few that required child actions, which is also okay. It’s comprehensive, but designed this way so that I break down a marathon by sprints.

The problem is that it’s over 72 actions. YIKES! I went back and asked if I need all those steps. I do. Maybe even more.

Seeing ONE project associated with the book rather than three or four feels smaller. Since the project is sequential, I don’t see too much at once - just one project and only a few doable steps at a time. Since I will write more books, I’ve even created a template. This will save time later.

But by adding all these actions, will the project break? Should I divide it into two or three projects? What best practices do you utilize with extremely large projects?

I use OF projects for checklists and I have some that are several times the size of your book project and include multiple levels of nested actions. No issues to report.

Just checked…I have 335 actions in one SAL and 174 actions in one sequential project. I think you’re fine. ;-)

300+? Okay, I feel MUCH better! Thank you, Aeryn! The template will likely never reach 100, so I’m probably good to go then.