How many text-only tasks before database/sync problems

Using just plain text, how many is too many? 5k, 10k?

I’m careful not to add many images and other media to my database to keep it small. Under 30mb.

But because OF functions so well with ios shortcuts I have been experimenting putting other text lists in it. Like for example, a “quotations” database with about 2000 items. I like being able to tag my favorites, and an iOS shortcut can pull random ones and read them out loud. (I spent way too long trying to set this up w .csv or airtable, and right now it’s not worth it to me to learn JSON etc)

Any suggestions on upper limits?

I have a couple of thousand entries and have not have any troubles. You possibly have to check for big attachments and archive done or no longer useful tasks. But that‘s it.

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