How often does it sync?

I’m running both OF1 and OF2, using OmniPresence to sync between them. I do find that sometimes I’ll finish working in OF2, close the window, and open OF1 to find the changes haven’t synched. So I manually sync OF2, then OF1, and the changes are there.

I cannot find anything that tells me how often OmniPresence will automatically sync. Anyone know?

I’ll also post this in the OmniPresence Forum.

I’ve spoken to Omni about this, and I they have said every 30 seconds (and every time you quite the program). But like you, I’ve found that there are times when my info doesn’t sync (perhaps because I close my macbook to quickly). Whatever the case, I have found Things and The Hit List to sync with greater speed and reliability than Omnifocus.

OmniFocus does not actually use OmniPresence to sync, but they both use a WebDAV server, such as Omni Sync Server.

By default, OmniFocus automatically syncs 1 or 2 minutes after you start editing an item, when you quit, and anytime it’s been more than an hour since it last synced.
Additionally, if you have OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, or 2 Macs running OmniFocus 2 on the same local network (for example your home wi-fi), when one of them finishes posting changes to the sync server, it will also ‘nudge’ the other one to sync and get those changes.


Yeah, syncing needs to be drastically improved. OF’s #1 competitor in this space is Things and Things syncs instantly. You can make a change on your iOS device and that change immediately shows up in the desktop application and vice versa. There are many other iOS apps that offer real-time sync, so OF is way behind the times in not offering this functionality. Considering that OF is the most expensive of any of these apps, this is really not acceptable.

This morning, I made a bunch of changes in OF on my iPhone. When I got back to my desk about 15 minutes later, I noticed none of the changes had been synced. Rather than doing a manual sync, I decided to wait to see if it would sync automatically. I waited and waited, I navigated around in OF, hoping that perhaps it was just a display refresh issue, but no. After about an hour of this, I gave up and did a manual sync. In this day and age, syncing should be instantaneous, but OF seems to be using 1990’s technology.


You can make OmnIFocus sync more frequently by changing the sync settings.